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Find Talent

The team at Discover have an exceptional track record when it comes to identifying, finding, engaging and placing the most talented individuals in the industry. We have vast experience sourcing candidates both locally and internationally, and matching them to positions all over the world.

The start of any project will involve us taking the time to ensure that we fully understand all of your recruitment needs and requirements. We will then create a bespoke solution to those needs using whichever combination of methods will be most effective and appropriate for you. That combination is likely to involve one or more of the following services:

Executive Search

We understand that key placements can transform a business so securing the right executive is vital.

Our executive search teams have a proven track record of filling C-Suite, senior management and niche directorial positions in each of our specialist fields.

A search like this is typically engaged upon on a retained basis, being preferable in situations that involve pressing time-scales, a high level of seniority, a scarce skill set and/or sensitivity around any specific information. Our retained searches are given priority status in terms of the level of consulting talent, time and resource assigned to the project. To date, the team at Discover have completed 100% of their retained searches.

Our approach to each search involves developing a bespoke recruitment plan dependent on our client’s requirements and timeframe. The search team engaged will consist of an account delivery lead who will oversee a team of delivery consultants as well as our global research team.

The Discover research team plays a significant role in our delivery to clients. These researchers spend all day everyday mapping the market – identifying and speaking with top talent across the globe. This helps to ensure we are continually identifying active candidates as well as developing and building on our long-term relationships with passive candidates.

The actual search process involves reviewing a significant number of potential candidates before screening this down to a longlist of approximately 15 to 20 candidates with the right skills and background on paper. An in-depth qualification of these allows us to produce our shortlist for submission of 3 to 6 candidates – assessment includes competency and motivation testing. From this our client should have several excellent options to choose from, resulting in a successful placement that we guarantee to replace in the unlikely event things don’t work out in their first 12 months of service.

This is Discover’s highest level, premium service.

Exclusive Contingent Search

Our approach to an exclusive contingency search goes well beyond a simple database search of relevant candidates.

Discover will devote a greater amount of time, energy, and resources to the search than if it were non-exclusive. We will agree a search timeline with our client to include date parameters for the sourcing of candidates, the presenting of candidates and the scheduling of interviews etc.

We will proactively approach both active and passive candidates that we know could be right for the role, utilising our advanced referral network to do so. This network has been built up over the many years spent operating within our specialist fields so in many cases the candidates we work with know us well and trust the work that we do. As a result many will be working exclusively with Discover and therefore not available via any other sources.

Essentially we approach exclusive contingency searches in the same way that we approach all of our projects; with a commitment to providing honest, reliable and valuable feedback to client and candidate.

Discover can also offer a non-exclusive contingent service of which can be discussed on an individual basis.

Account Management

We can structure an Account Management team around you and your requirements. It is often the best solution for clients looking to fill a number of positions within a particular timeframe, or for clients needing a variety of different disciplines over a prolonged period.

The team at Discover are highly experienced when it comes to overcoming the unique challenges that recruiting within the energy industry presents and are able to manage recruitment projects that encompass a wide range of geographical locations, skill sets, experience levels and remuneration packages.

Using our state of the art CRM tool our clients can log into their unique Discover online portal where they can see the latest candidate submittals for their account or project in real time as it happens.

The Account Management structure can be shaped in a way that best suits each client and can be used as a short term solution for smaller projects or for ongoing multiple searches.

Contractor Searches

Discover international delivers high-calibre, hard to find and fully compliant contractors to our clients – we deliver them quickly and effectively.

By tracking contractor end-dates and monitoring the ebb and flow of contractual resource around the world we offer rapid turnaround times for contract requirements with first-class service for both candidates and clients alike.

Discover has placed compliant contractors on every continent with extensive experience in Europe and the USA – We also speak the following languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish.

Finding the right candidate is not where our support ends. We provide the following additional services:

    • Referencing
    • I.D. and Eligibility checking service
    • Payroll and tax administration in a range of currencies and overseas locations
    • Payment processing
    • Expense handling
    • Candidate mobilisation services
    • Ensuring compliance with all the latest employment regulations

The extent to which Discover manage the arrangement with each contractor can be determined by the client. Discover can maintain full ownership of the candidate, or can release them to the client to be engaged directly. In such cases an advisory service is still provided to ensure the process is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Contractor Compliance

As an owner-managed business Discover International places great emphasis on Legal, Financial and Contract Compliance – Protecting our stakeholders is of the utmost importance to us.

In this ever-changing compliance environment, we stay up to date with changes in legislation and seek the best professional advice.

This includes, but is not limited to, solutions and agreements with the following European licences & registrations: Limosa/B1, WAADI Registered with Dutch Chamber of commerce, Arbeitnehmerüberlassung Aüg Partnered, SECO licence, Model contract, Freiberufler, IR35, Wet Deregulering Beoordeling Arbeidsrelatie (DBA).

Our US clients can be comfortable in our compliance and industry leading benefits package. Our US eligible workers can personalize their benefits selecting from multiple medical plans, as well as ancillary options including dental, vision, life, and disability insurance. Spouses and dependents can be included on their healthcare and ancillary coverage. Eligible workers are also able to take advantage of our 401(k) retirement savings program.

Project Work

One of the unique challenges faced by companies within the energy industries is the often fluctuating levels of resource required at certain times and in certain locations. Therefore providing clients with innovative and intelligent solutions to overcome these challenges is a key element of what we do.

As well as working closely with all of our clients to help them predict and plan for any future recruitment requirements, we also have in place a flexible partner system which enables us to immediately scale-up a recruitment operation when required for high volume projects. In such scenarios, all projects continue to be closely managed by one of our experienced senior team to ensure the very highest standards of delivery are maintained.