• Intelligent recruitment

Who we are

Discover International have an impeccable track record when it comes to providing intelligent, effective recruitment solutions within complex scientific and technical markets.

Founded on principles of delivering a true quality of service and a great experience for clients and candidates, Discover understand that to be the best we have to be different.

Being Different

We know the stereotypes that exist about recruiters and the recruitment industry and we also know that unfortunately they exist for a reason. That is why we are proud to be different. Different both in the way we do business and in the difference we make to our stakeholders.

It is very common for recruitment companies to incentivise and target their staff on the sheer volume of outputs they generate such as CVs sent to clients and the number of phone calls they make per day. This system promotes hard work but gives little consideration to quality; as a result it’s the customer who loses out. At Discover we focus on the quality of inputs rather than the volume of outputs. For example, we incentivise our team on their ‘strike rates’ of CV submittals to interview requests, rather than on how many are sent out the door.

A unique mind-set

At Discover we instil an attitude whereby every team member considers their client’s money and their candidate’s career as their own.  This is something we talk about from the very first interview with a potential new hire, to the start of their first day in the team, and continues throughout their career with us – becoming a natural mind-set and culture of everyone in the company.  This is a unique approach not found at another recruitment company and sets Discover apart.

The logic behind this philosophy is simple; if our customers experience a fantastic quality of personal, intelligent service from Discover International, they will continue to partner with us again and again, and recommend us to their colleagues and peers. The upshot for our candidates and clients is that they experience care and professionalism that they will not find anywhere else.

How Can Everything be Excellent

Candidates are constantly being told that every job is an ‘excellent opportunity’, likewise clients are told that every candidate is ‘excellent’ for their job. But how can everyone and everything be excellent?

The answer is that it can’t possibly be. At Discover we understand that some clients, jobs and candidates represent a good fit, but the majority do not. We therefore take the time to listen, to challenge and fully understand our customer’s requirements to ensure we are able to provide the best possible solution to their individual wants and needs.

Evolution and Innovation

Constantly evolving and always innovating, Scientific and Technical markets are exciting industries to operate in. Developments in technology, software, skills and techniques are regularly being implemented, and as a result, working practices in recruitment need to adapt too.

We thrive on the challenges this constant evolution presents and are not afraid to challenge conventional thinking in a bid to provide new and intelligent solutions to your problems.

As an example, our state of the art CRM tool enables our clients to log into their unique Discover online portal where they can see the latest candidate submissions to their job, account, or project in real time as it happens.